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Vol 3 No3  30 September 2017

· Original Article
Keywords :  Thruster, Ship speed, Hose power, Scouring, Water velocity, Strength of the bottom protection, Shear, shield parameter
Author(s) :  Byoung-Yeol Choi,  Sang-Gil Lee
Keywords :  Membrane, type LNG tank, , Invar membrane connection, Cargo containment system, Fatigue analysis, S, N curve
Author(s) :  Jun-Bum Park
Keywords :  Risk Assessment, HAZID(Hazard Identification), HAZOP(Hazard Operability), LNG transfer system, Reliability, LNG Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO)
Author(s) :  Jang-Hyun Lee,  Seyun Hwang,  Sungchan Kim
Keywords :  Remotely operated vehicle (ROV), Deep reinforcement learning (DRL), Visual perception, Robot operating system(ROS), Degree of freedom (DOF), Convolutional neural network (CNN).
Author(s) :  Yashashree Rajendra Jadhav,  Yong Seon Moon
Keywords :  Sloshing effects reduction device(SERD), Sloshing effects on vessel motion, Natural frequency control, Ship maneuvering, Moving particle simulation
Author(s) :  Kyung Sung Kim,  Moo Hyun Kim