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Vol 4 No1  31 March 2018

· Original Article
Keywords :  Heat loss, , Overall heat transfer coefficient, Backfill, Burial depth, Thermal conductivity, Numerical analysis
Author(s) :  Dongsu Park,  Young-Kyo Seo
Keywords :  Underwater weapon system, survivability, Pressure hull, Optimal design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Initial scantling methods
Author(s) :  Dohan Oh,  Bon Guk Koo
Keywords :  Floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU), resolved motion and acceleration control (RMAC), heading control; turret moored vessel, model test
Author(s) :  Young-Shik Kim,  Hong-Gun Sung,  Jin-Ha Kim
Keywords :  Mooring; Finite element method(FEM), Multibody system
Author(s) :  Namkug Ku
Keywords :  Marine operation, Safety analysis, Offshore structure installation, Proportional-derivative control, Multibody dynamics
Author(s) :  Ju-Hwan Cha,  BO WOO NAM,  Sol Ha